Český Ráj Protected Landscape Area

The gorgeous landscape of Český Ráj (Bohemian Paradise), with its characteristic rock cities and numerous diverse plant and animal species, became the first Protected Landscape Area of former Czechoslovakia in 1955. Besides sandstone rock cities, there are many large caverns, rock arches, overhanging rocks, recesses, rock windows, volcanic chimneys and other volcanic rock formations here. (more…)

Kokořín Protected Landscape Area

Kokořínsko is famous not only for its romantic gorges, but mainly for its unique sandstone towers, arches, windows and other formations, which do not exist in such a number and range in any other region of the Czech Republic. This singular region of sandstone and caves is also known for its large marshes of international importance and dense woods, some of their less accessible sections nearly untouched by human hand. (more…)

Březnice Chateau

This originally Gothic stronghold was converted into a Renaissance Chateau in the 16th century. The masonry of the stronghold has been preserved almost entirely in the body of the chateau. The so-called Lokšany library, the oldest chateau library hall in Bohemia, was established in the chateau tower in 1558. (more…)


The spa town of Poděbrady (13, 600 inhabitants) extends along the right bank of the Elbe River in the picturesque Elbe River lowland 50 km east of Prague. On the favourably located territory of what is now Poděbrady, a major trading settlement was set up in the Early Middle Ages. The oldest known written mention of Poděbrady dates back to the mid 12th century. (more…)