Žehušická Obora Natural Monument

With its size of 250 ha, Žehušická Obora (Žehušise Game Preserve) and the adjacent English garden were founded in 1860 on the site of a dried-up lake on the wide floodplains of the River Doubrava near the village of Žehušice. (more…)

Brdatka Nature Reserve

The steep slope on the left bank of the Berounka above the town Zbečno is covered with a mosaic of oak and hornbeams, maples and sparse stunted oak woods. A steppe is found on the rocks covered with dittany, Alyssum saxatile or Basket of gold, and in places there is an abundance of St. Bernard's lily and white-flowering rock cinquefoil. (more…)

Kokořín Valley Nature Reserve

The largest reserve in the North Bohemian sandstone region protects one of the most preserved examples of the peculiar landscape of the Polomené Hory (Broken Mountains) in an area of 21 km2. It stretches through the canyon of the Pšovka stream from Vojtěchov to the Lhotka reservoir and runs far out to the maze of lateral ravines. The Kokořín landscape gets its unique character from the blocks of sandstone. (more…)

U Eremita Nature Reserve

The sheer northern slope on the right bank of Berounka above the mouth of the Klučná stream near Křivoklát is covered by a scree forest with a thick growth of yew trees, which in places form entire areas of vegetation. (more…)

Vinařická hora Nature Reserve

This is the only Central Bohemian composite volcano located near Kladno. It consists of basaltic rock and volcanic consolidated ash, or tuff. It has been disturbed by quarries, but these allow a view into its internal geological structure. (more…)

Český Kras Protected Landscape Area

Český Kras (Bohemian Karst) is a diversiform, sometimes almost wild landscape with steep karst canyons and gorges situated in the lower reaches of the River Berounka, ther region's backbone. Besides many karst formations there are many larger or smaller caverns and cave complexes, for instance the famous Koněpruské Jeskyně, which are open to the public and boast many beautiful and spectacular cave formations. (more…)

Český Ráj Protected Landscape Area

The gorgeous landscape of Český Ráj (Bohemian Paradise), with its characteristic rock cities and numerous diverse plant and animal species, became the first Protected Landscape Area of former Czechoslovakia in 1955. Besides sandstone rock cities, there are many large caverns, rock arches, overhanging rocks, recesses, rock windows, volcanic chimneys and other volcanic rock formations here. (more…)

Kokořín Protected Landscape Area

Kokořínsko is famous not only for its romantic gorges, but mainly for its unique sandstone towers, arches, windows and other formations, which do not exist in such a number and range in any other region of the Czech Republic. This singular region of sandstone and caves is also known for its large marshes of international importance and dense woods, some of their less accessible sections nearly untouched by human hand. (more…)