Museum welcomes geological seminar participants

The Czech and Slovakian Museums’ Geologists’ Seminar is now a traditional international event, where every year museum employees and supporters meet up to exchange experience and take part in field studies in various parts of our countries.

This year’s seminars, which take place on 26 – 30 May 2014, are being jointly held by Říčany Museum and the Czech Museum of Silver in Kutná Hora, in collaboration with the Association of Museums and Galleries. An integral part of the event is of course a visit to the exhibitions of the organising museums, but as usual the main programme takes place in the field. Sixteen locations in the Říčany region (the quarries of Žernovka, Menčice, Brník and others), the Kolín region (Nová Ves, Bořetice, Doubravčany) and the Kutná Hora and Časlav regions (Markovice, Starkoč, Vlastějovice) have been arranged for almost fifty geologists. The whole of one excursion day is dedicated to just Kutná Hora and Kaňk, where the key points will be a visit to the museum mines, a tour of the ‘Kutná Hora region Geology – new finds and points of interest’ and ‘Kutná Hora underground and surveys’ exhibitions in Tyl House, and in the field, e.g. the slag heaps in the Vrchlice valley, the slag at Kaňk, and the Kaňk National natural monument (Na Vrších) with Cretaceous sea sediments.

The field programme will continue into the evening with a meeting along with specialist talks and discussions which allow for extensive exchange of experience and development of friendly co-operation in the geology and museums field. The organisers trust that this year’s seminar will be another wonderful and valuable chapter in the almost fifty-year history of these joint meetings of Czech and Slovak geologists.

Participants of the international Czech and Slovakian Museums’ Geologists’ Seminar will also visit the Kutná Hora region Geology – new finds and points of interest exhibition, which is currently open in Tyl House and runs until 31 May 2014.

By RNDr Jana Králova for the CMS

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