Křivoklát Castle


One of the oldest Bohemian royal castles, it was built as a power centre and rural residency of the royal family, probably around 1230. King Wenceslas IV became fond of this ancient hunting castle. Thanks to an extensive Late Gothic makeover in the years 1473–1526 by King Vladislav II. Jagellonian, it became one of the most magnificent residencies of its time.

It was also used as a prison for very important prisoners (such as Jan Augusta, a bishop of the Bohemian Brethren) and as a private residency. A total reconstruction of the premises was made by the Fürstenberk family, the last owners of the castle, after 1826. The rebuilding was designed by Josef Mocker, a leading Czech architect. A few interiors of extraordinary value were preserved in the castle, such as the castle chapel with rich decoration from the last quarter of the 15th century or the royal hall with a lierne vault displaying floral and figural motifs on consoles.


Správa státního hradu Křivoklát
Křivoklát 47
Křivoklát 270 23
tel.: +420 313 558 440
WWW: http://www.krivoklat.cz

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