Kačina Chateau


The most palatial Empire chateau in Bohemia was built in the years 1804-1822 by Count Jan Rudolf Chotek using a design by Saxon royal architect Christian Franz Schuricht. This ostentatious residence, intentionally incorporated into a large park, fascinates visitors with its anusual architectural composition.

A theater, completed in the mid 19th century, is situated in the right wing of the chateau. In the left wing there is a chateau library with more than forty thousand volumes of scientific literature and fiction from the 16th to 19th century. Nowadays we find the Bohemian Rural Museum here (a part of the National Agriculture Museum).


Správa státního zámku Kačina
Svatý Mikuláš 51
Svatý Mikuláš 28401
tel.: +420 327 571 170
e-mail: kacina@kacina.cz

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