Central Bohemia

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Allow us to invite you to the largest region of the Czech Republic, enveloping the Czech capital, Prague.

Visit our impressive sites, included on the UNESCO World Heritage list, explore our majestic castles, unique natural scenery and rich cultural tradition.

Central Bohemia is the perfect place for tourism, full of adventure and discovery. Our beautiful natural surroundings, with their rock formations and caves and large reservoirs on major rivers are just made for hiking, cycling and water sports. Devotees of golf or agrotourism are also very well provided for.

Come and sample the products of our local wineries and breweries, get to know authentic rural life as well as our glassmaking tradition. You don’t have to be
a technology aficionado to enjoy our displays ofmining, aerospace, railways and the automotive industry.

Discover the beauty of Central Bohemia and enjoy a truly vibrant vacation!

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