Many important personalities of Czech and world cultural life were born in the Central Bohemian Region, who became for others sources of lifelong inspiration. Today we are reminded of rich cultural history of the region through a number of galleries, memorials and museums, but also by the myriad of widely varied events, of which many have seen several decades of lasting tradition.

Bohumil Hrabal

28. 3. 1914 Brno-Židenice – 3. 2. 1997 Praha One of the most famous and original Czech writers of the 20th century is tied to Central Bohemia in terms of life as well as work. From the age of five he lived in Nymburk, where his stepfather became a brewery manager. (more…)

Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

7. 3. 1850 Hodonín – 14. 9. 1937 Lány The Czech philosopher and sociologist, later the first president of the Czechoslovak Republic, was born in Southern Moravia, but he took to Central Bohemia. He particularly liked two places where, as a statesman, he had his summer residences: the chateaux in Hluboš and Lány. (more…)

Bedřich Hrozný

6. 5. 1879 Lysá nad Labem – 12. 12. 1952 Praha This world-renowned orientalist and archaeologist was to become an evangelical pastor and continue the work of his father, a pastor in Lysá nad Labem. At Vienna University he enrolled in an evangelical theology course, but after the first semester he decided to do oriental studies. (more…)

Bedřich Smetana

2. 3. 1824 Litomyšl – 12. 5. 1884 Praha The founder of Czech national music was led to music by his father, Litomyšl’s brewer. At the age of 19 Smetana got a job as a music teacher in Count Leopold Thun’s family and also began to study music. To make his dream (conducting an orchestra) come true, he moved to Goteborg, Sweden, in 1856. (more…)

Felix Jenewein

4. 8. 1857 Kutná Hora – 2. 1. 1905 Brno This important, although formerly neglected Czech art nouveau painter and illustrator, author of suggestive, figurative, religious and historical images grew up in Kutná Hora. (more…)

Josef Kajetán Tyl

4. 2. 1808 Kutná Hora – 11. 7. 1856 Plzeň One of the most important Czech theatre figures and prose writers of the 19th century, Tyl inherited artistic talents from his father, a retired army musician who set up as a tailor in Kutná Hora. Tyl spent his entire childhood in this beautiful historic town, and it later became the scene of several of his major works. (more…)