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Museum Night in Benešov attracts the public to exhibition with guided tours

The atmosphere of the 19th and 20th centuries, when owner of the Konopiště estate was Franz Ferdinand of Austria, is to be re-enacted for Benesov’s Museum Night on 23 May. This popular festival has become a part of the commemorative events for the 100th anniversary of the Sarajevo assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie of Hohenberg, and the start of World War One. As well as exhibitions and guided tours, also on offer will be tastings of Franz…

Felix Jenewein Gallery in Kutná Hora

The exhibit hall of the gallery carrying the name of the famous Kutná Hora native and great Czech painter from the turn of the 20th century, Felix Jenewein, is found in the unique Vlašský Courtyard and Sankturin House, which are a part of the Kutná Hora UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The most valuable museum collection is Jenewein’s figurative historic and religious spectacles. This collection of around 200 works is even more extensive than the collection of Jenewein’s works owned…

Rabas Gallery in Rakovník

The Rakovník gallery was founded by the Friends of the Art Society in Rakovník as early as in 1939 as a regional picture gallery to house the work of painters whose life or work is associated with Rakovník. It was prominent Czech landscape artist Václav Rabas (1885–1954) who decisively contributed to its establishment. He was born in the village of Krušovice in the Rakovník area and also lived there for most of his life. (more…)