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Middle Ages Revived by the castle, or Mediaeval crafts at first hand

The Friends of Zlenice Castle club invites you to their Middle Ages Revived by the castle, or Mediaeval crafts at first hand event, which will take place on 26 -27 July 2014 at Zlenice Castle. Come and look around and try for yourself these ancient crafts: spinning, weaving, leather imprinting, metal forging etc. Further information at

Museum Night in Benešov attracts the public to exhibition with guided tours

The atmosphere of the 19th and 20th centuries, when owner of the Konopiště estate was Franz Ferdinand of Austria, is to be re-enacted for Benesov’s Museum Night on 23 May. This popular festival has become a part of the commemorative events for the 100th anniversary of the Sarajevo assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie of Hohenberg, and the start of World War One. As well as exhibitions and guided tours, also on offer will be tastings of Franz…

Kačina Chateau

The most palatial Empire chateau in Bohemia was built in the years 1804-1822 by Count Jan Rudolf Chotek using a design by Saxon royal architect Christian Franz Schuricht. This ostentatious residence, intentionally incorporated into a large park, fascinates visitors with its anusual architectural composition. (more…)

Křivoklát Castle

One of the oldest Bohemian royal castles, it was built as a power centre and rural residency of the royal family, probably around 1230. King Wenceslas IV became fond of this ancient hunting castle. Thanks to an extensive Late Gothic makeover in the years 1473–1526 by King Vladislav II. Jagellonian, it became one of the most magnificent residencies of its time. (more…)

Kutná Hora

The town of Kutná Hora (21, 300 inhabitants) lies between the Czech-Moravian Highlands and the Čáslav basin some 70 km east of Prague. The history of Kutná Hora is inextricably linked to silver mining. The discovery of silver deposits resulted, in the late 13th century, in a spontaneous development of mining settlements from which a town was formed in the early 1300s. (more…)


This hillfort, taking up an area of about twenty-two hectars, was one of the largest and oldest fortifications of the Przemyslids. Prince Spytihněv I. had the St. Peter and Paul rotunda built here after 895; its nave is the oldest preserved construction in the Czech lands. (more…)

Vojna Memorial near Příbram

The Vojna Memorial near Příbram, dedicated to the victims of communism, was established in 2005 on the authentic site of a German prisoner-of-war camp of 1947, which with the advent of communism became a forced labour camp between the years 1949 - 1951 and a prison for political prisoners of the communist regime in 1951–1961. (more…)

Český Šternberk Castle

One of the best-preserved and oldest dynasty castles in Bohemia was founded around 1240. Originally an early Gothic castle, it was subject to a number of changes. An overall renovation of the castle was made at the turn of the 16th century in late Gothic style. (more…)

Krakovec Castle ruin

The castle was founded in 1381 by Jíra of Roztoky, an influential courtier of King Wenceslas IV. This excellent building from Wenceslas´ court builders is a great example of the development of castle architecture in the Czech lands in the late 14th century. (more…)